Tom Brady Under Armour Commercial

A New Under Armour Commercial Features Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is an iconic sports figure, and even an unexpected retirement U-turn hasn’t dimmed his status as one of the NFL’s most divisive figures. With eight Super Bowl rings to his credit and top jersey sales in his league, Brady remains highly popular despite being known for being overly-competitive and eager to beat opponents – qualities which also carry over into his marketing campaigns for Under Armour.

Sports apparel brand Under Armour has recently run some striking ads, particularly with Droga5 New York. One in particular has captured people’s imagination; an open letter written from Tom Brady to an up-and-coming athlete narrated by Morgan Freeman has captured our hearts. In an industry filled with ads encouraging athletes to find their inner GOATs, this one offers something new.

Brady’s message is clear: Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t become the next Tom Brady. That lesson applies equally well for any athlete, no matter their level or position; and serves as an excellent reminder that even Brady himself was no sure bet when drafted in the sixth round as only a backup starter.

But ultimately, each athlete needs to define his or her own success based on what they perceive is possible and work hard and remain true to themselves – even if that means forgoing late-night social media scrolling!

At a time when his team is off to a slow start this season, Brady could surely use some extra motivation from someone like Brady.

Under Armour has long used its celebrity spokespeople to spread positive messages through advertisements. Last year, for instance, it enlisted Julian Edelman and Jeff Bridges in an amusing yet touching ad featuring Jeff Bridges; before that Ray Lewis featured prominently too – though neither seem to have made much impactful difference on its slumping revenues or search for a replacement CEO to replace Kevin Plank despite their high profile nature – hopefully this campaign can turn things around at this sports apparel giant!

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