Free People Zuri Set

Zuri Set in the World of Free People

Jessie is not pleased about being hired as a nanny for the Ross children and decides to take advantage of Emma’s absence by airing her opinions. This leads to an argument and fight between Jessie and Emma; eventually it dawns on Jessie that their parents miss them greatly and they rehire her.

Ravi wants to run for reptile club president but doesn’t know who should serve as his campaign manager. So he calls on Zuri for assistance. Unfortunately, they soon discover their opponent is actually another club member: Luke ultimately becomes the president of the organization.

Luke the Koala has been Luke’s best friend for years, but when his obsession grows too strong he must make an impossible choice: give up Kenny or embrace it until death do us part. Ultimately though, Luke opts to keep Kenny.

The siblings are forced to spend time with Bertram, the family dog. But Bertram is not pleased about it – he feels that Luke and Zuri are being too friendly with him. Eventually though, he comes around once Luke and Zuri show him how much they care about him.

Zuri and Jessie have a lot of fun with their new pets, but when things take an unpleasant turn, the two cannot maintain good relations with them. This is particularly true when the dogs begin attacking Jessie’s sister.

In the end, Jessie and the kids find a way to overcome their differences so they can become friends once again. After that, they all embark on an epic road trip together.

Jessie’s Kitty Couture web show is a hit, but she needs to act girly in order to keep viewers engaged. A package arrives containing a magical bell which causes them to switch bodies – leading to issues for everyone involved, including Zuri and Luke who don’t enjoy dressing up for work and Bertram who gets scared by the bell when he tries holding it.

Zuri attempts to compete against another child at a chess competition, but it doesn’t go as planned. This disappointment causes her distress and she attempts to regain her lost confidence; however, the tournament is ultimately ruined when it transpires that the opponent is none other than her own brother!

She then decides to challenge the other sister and win a prize that will pay for her flight to Paris – an unexpected outcome considering how difficult it has been for her and Luke to be together lately.

Luke is in a dance class and excels at it, but he’s frustrated when the instructor only allows him and Bertram into the room to watch him dance. That means Luke cannot do his homework as it would disrupt with his dancing, plus he often angrily slams his elbows on the table in frustration.

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