Fredo Santana Funeral Open Casket

Fredo Santana Funeral

Last week, Chicago rap icon Fredo Santana passed away from a seizure believed to be caused by his habit of leaning. He was the cousin of Chief Keef who featured him on “I Don’t Like.”

His music revolutionized the hip-hop genre, featuring features from everyone in his immediate circle to legendary hip hop figures like Soulja Boy. His first mixtape, It’s A Scary Sight, featured Chief Keef on “Fredo in the Cut,” while Trappin’ Ain’t Dead was packed with high-profile guests.

He was a reliable rapper, one who didn’t waste any time. His reputation as an arrogant bullshitter made him untouchable to many in the rap world; even those who couldn’t recall one Fredo song knew better than to mess with him.

Fredo had a reputation as an aggressive rapper, but his songwriting abilities far surpassed those of his contemporaries. His lyrics often involved shooting enemies as evidenced by the 2014 track “Kill U on Camera.”

Though he didn’t achieve the level of fame his cousin Chief Keef would later achieve, Fredo’s name remains in many rap fans’ minds. He was part of Glory Boyz Entertainment, who brought drill music to America in 2012, and was featured on Chief Keef’s hit single “I Don’t Like.”

When Fredo finally decided to release his own albums, it took him some time to get going. Nonetheless, Trappin’ Ain’t Dead (2013) and Walking Legend (2014) eventually saw the light of day.

While Fredo Kruger was recovering from an extended hospital stay, the release of his album was delayed. But before passing away, he released two additional projects: Fredo Kruger 2 and Walking Legend 2. As for Fredo’s funeral, it was truly unique; friends poured cough syrup mixture onto his casket in tribute.

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