90 Day Fiance Halloween Costumes

90 Day Fiance Halloween Costumes

90 Day Fiance is a hit reality TV show that has made many of its stars famous. While the show revolves around romance, it also includes several couples going through difficult relationships. Every Halloween season, these couples dress up as creative spooky characters to celebrate the holiday – although sometimes their costumes get mocked by viewers. Here are some examples of TLC couples that have donned unique costumes for Halloween:

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols donned the roles of Princess Jasmine and Prince Charming for their Halloween celebration this year. Larissa donned a gorgeous floral-patterned gown, while her husband donned a red shirt and matching pants that read “Princess Jasmine”.

Two attractive Princess Jasmines on Instagram donned vibrant, patterned dresses to celebrate Halloween together. In their fun photo together, they looked as though they were ready for an exciting journey ahead.

On Halloween this year, Simone Biles and her fiance Jonathan Owens showed off their daring side by dressing as fire fighters. In a pair of photos uploaded on Sunday, the Olympic gold medalist donned a mini skirt-crop top set with flames and paired it with black heeled booties to match her football star beau’s ensemble.

The loving couple also showed off their precious puppy, Moon, who donned a monkey costume for the occasion. As they posed together for an Instagram picture that received plenty of comments, one fan wrote “Omgoodness this is the best?” while another added, “Aww I love how cute you are!”

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods went all out this Halloween in their creative costumes. Ed dressed up as a priest while Liz donned the nun hat. While their idea may have been unique, many 90 Day Fiance viewers weren’t impressed.

Ed and Liz have often donned costumes for Halloween on their TLC show appearances, but this year their ensembles seemed a bit over the top. It’s known that during this holiday, the couple often dresses up as various spooky characters.

On Halloween this year, Big Ed and Liz went all out. The 57-year-old San Diego resident donned a long white vest, black coat that read “Priest,” as well as a white cape bearing the word “Pope.”

Though they had no trouble locating a church to wear their costumes, some people thought it odd for them to pose together. Fortunately, they defended their decision in the comments section and were eventually able to put an end to their Halloween controversy.

This year, several other 90 Day Fiance couples joined in on the fun with some creative Halloween outfits, including Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren as Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist. Their parody video went viral online with over 65,000 likes from fans as they received recognition from other cast members as well.

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