Elliot Hoodie Mr Robot

How to Dress Up Like Mr Robot Character Elliot Alderson

Rami Malek, the Emmy-nominated actor who plays Elliot Alderson in the hit series Mr. Robot, pours his heart into his character of Elliot Alderson–an introverted young programmer who works as a cybersecurity engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night–and wears the iconic black zip-up hoodie throughout every episode as his own.

Rami Malek’s costume in “The Mastermind” is an ideal way to complete your look and add some flair at the next Mr. Robot event. With this costume, you’ll look just like him and add extra flair for maximum effect!

For this look, you’ll need a black hoodie and dark jeans (or another color that works well with the character’s black t-shirt, tactical backpack and Dell laptop). Finally, don some black sneakers as well.

At this time of year, many people opt for hoodies as a stylish and warm outer layer. If you want to create an ensemble with friends, this copper-colored zipper hoodie is the ideal choice – or get matching ones for each member in the family if you’re creating a group costume!

What’s more, you can even pair this look with some white t-shirts and pants to make a real statement. Or if you want to dress up more like Malek himself, try donning a suit and tie!

Rami Malek donned this outfit on the red carpet this summer when he made appearances at Comic-Con and other events. He collaborated with stylist Ilaria Urbinati to bring it to life, and it’s one of those looks you have to see in person to fully appreciate its beauty.

The black hoodie is the ideal piece of clothing to conceal a character’s face. It acts like blinkers, with Elliot often switching between them while on screen. This provides him with double layer protection and serves as an armor against whatever may come his way.

Malek chose to wear the hoodie as part of his character’s authentic look because it was something he had already worn in real life and which he felt comfortable and confident wearing on set of the show.

Elliot’s hoodie may not have much to do with his character, but it does help express his cynical outlook on life and obsession with fsociety. With a burning desire to take down Evil Corp and become a hero, it’s fitting that he would choose this color for such an endeavor.

As the episode progresses, we learn that Elliot suffers from a complex mental disorder. His three distinct personalities — protector, prosecutor and younger Elliot — were created at different points in his life to cope with the abuse he received from his parents.

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