Is Kinnady Devine Still Alive

Is Kinnady Devine Still Alive?

A video of a brave little girl who went to heaven and came back to life has captured the hearts of people around the globe. Kinnidy Devine can be seen praying as she bravely fights bacterial meningitis in the hospital; it is difficult to watch but so powerful!

Her mother Rachel took video while Kinnady underwent a medical procedure. The doctor gave Kinnady a spinal tap to collect cerebrospinal fluid. Though exhausted from the pain, she maintained an upbeat attitude throughout her treatment and procedure.

In the video, she begins by thanking her family for being there for her and then talks about how much she loves them and longs to return home. At one point, the tiny girl nods off before waking up with a beaming smile on her face.

She yells “I’m here!” when she realizes she is still alive! Her parents must be in awe and thankful to God for providing such a miraculous recovery.

This inspirational video has touched the hearts of everyone who views it, from complete strangers to close friends and family members. It serves as a reminder that prayer can truly transform lives.

Rachel and Levi Devine bravely fought for their daughter’s life when she developed bacterial meningitis at 6 years old. With all of the love and strength they could muster, Rachel and Levi reached out on Facebook asking friends and family to pray for her. Ultimately, it was only by God’s help that their little girl survived – thank goodness!

Her faith and divine healing has not only inspired their friends and family, but they’ve been contacted by complete strangers on social media who wanted to assist the Devine family. The young girl has now been healed, leading a happy, healthy life!

In January 2017, Rachel and Levi Devine experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when they learned their precious little girl was suffering from bacterial meningitis. This illness caused inflammation to the membranes surrounding her brain and spinal cord, creating a terrifying nightmare.

Bacterial meningitis is a serious illness that can be fatal within hours. But thanks to the prayers of her family and doctors, Kinnady Devine has now been cured!

After weeks of sharing the video on her Facebook page, her mother shared a post thanking God for the miracle. She exclaimed: “It is only through God’s Grace and prayer miracles that she walked out of that hospital this weekend as if nothing had ever happened – perfectly fine, nothing wrong with her! I cannot believe this!”

This video has gone viral and inspired millions of people, including social media users. It has been viewed millions of times on Facebook and other websites; it was featured by various news outlets, touching the lives of people from around the world.

Sickness can be a difficult thing to cope with, but God always has an agenda for our lives – and He even has plans for our children! He knows exactly what we need when sickness strikes.

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