Chewy’s Peanut Butter Box Commercial

Chewy’s Peanut Butter Box Commercial

CHEWY has released another hilarious animal commercial featuring Giorgio and Ralph. These unlikely canine companions express mixed sentiments regarding their latest front door delivery; Ralph suspecting it contains peanut butter while Giorgio, being more pragmatic, attempts to correct his confused friend by explaining that this package contains their pet’s flea and tick medication from the pharmacy; Ralph maintains his convictions by insisting his owner always gives them their medication along with some peanut butter!

Rob Paulsen has made quite the name for himself as an exceptional voice actor in animation, having worked with some of the industry’s most acclaimed animation directors and animators. Paulsen brings Ralph and Giorgio to life through his playful charm, making their commercial that much more endearing and enjoyable for viewers.

Though two dogs may seem dissimilar, they find a common ground through their mutual affection for peanut butter. Chewy’s mission is to understand every pet’s individual character and bring together as an owner-community who share an affection for pets. Furthermore, Chewy strives to make pet ownership enjoyable through reliable products and services of high quality.

72andSunny Los Angeles created this commercial and Bo MacDonald was selected as director. Matt Dickinson also provided additional production. To see behind-the-scenes video footage of this campaign on YouTube.

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