Kardea Brown Shrimp Macaroni Salad

Kardea Brown Season 5 Episode 1

Kardea Brown hosts an unforgettable picnic for her friends while touring the construction of her dream home. On the menu are succulent chicken and veggie wraps topped with herb goat cheese spread, fresh salad jars containing baby kale, plums and smoky chickpeas as well as strawberry shortbread trifles! Kardea makes refreshing Spritz drinks to accompany her meal before concluding it all by baking an irresistibly rich Chocolate Raspberry Cake to finish things off perfectly.

Chef Kardea and her family celebrated a new addition to their clan with an exquisite backyard party featuring delectable summer treats like Pimento Cheese Stuffed Burgers, Rotisserie Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Blackberry Hand Pies. For added zest they also provided hearty Shrimp Baskets filled with grilled okra, corn and peppers as well as an exceptional summer pasta salad salad that needs to be experienced first-hand – while for something sweet Chef Kardea made an easy Candy Bar Popcorn Cake dessert recipe that’s sure to delight guests at any gathering or get-together!

Kardea takes time out on Mother’s Day to show her mother just how much she appreciates her by teaching her the art of Southern baking and cooking. She creates an impressive brunch that includes an omelet with spicy tomato jam, Banana Cream Pie and White Chocolate Raspberry Cake!

And then it’s time to clean the kitchen and put some dishes in the oven so we’re all set for family dinner! Kardea makes Low Country Spatchcocked Chicken served with Gullah Red Rice and an Asparagus Salad as starters; she then bakes Grandma’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding as dessert!

Kardea invites her friends over for an enjoyable dinner and movie night at her house, serving their famous Mac and Cheese – an iconic dish served in her grandmother’s household for over six decades! To add her own flair, Kardea uses five distinct creams and cheeses in the dish. As no movie night would be complete without snacks like her signature Low Country Muffuletta packed full of deli meats, cheese and smoked sausage!

Kardea hosts a family reunion at her house as she invites all her siblings for a traditional Southern feast. Kardea begins by serving Lemon and Garlic Baked Chicken before offering dishes such as Country Wild Rice with Sausage and collard greens as accompaniments. As a sweet end to their dinner, she serves her signature Kitchen Sink Cookie. We may receive commission from purchases made through links on this page; prices and availability may be subject to change on certain websites; for more details see website or contact NBCUniversal Media, LLC directly – All rights are reserved by them, Terms of Use apply herein. Register with Oomph Media Inc.’s ESSENCE newsletters for the latest in fashion, beauty, entertainment and beyond! By clicking “Subscribe,” you agree to our Terms of Use; at any time you may opt-out at your leisure; more details may be found in our Privacy Policy.

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