Princess Diana Ghost Prince William Wedding

Princess Diana’s Ghost Will Be a Guest at the May 19 Wedding of Prince William and Meghan Markle

Princess Diana died tragically at 36 in 1997 in a car crash, leaving behind two young sons: Prince William and Prince Harry. This loss devastated the royal family, with many believing her spirit still inhabits their estates today. One staff member who claims to have encountered Princess Diana’s spirit describes it as being both “moody and spooky,” as reported by International Business Times. According to this witness, upon entering the room where Princess Diana was murdered there was a dark aura around her body which she noticed immediately upon walking into it. She saw what appeared to be an apparition sitting on the bed, trying to talk to it but being unsuccessful. When she told this to a priest he conducted a special ceremony to cleanse out any bad spirits in the room – without performing an exorcism though; according to reports this witness believed Princess Diana is haunting their house.

Royal wedding fever has reached fever pitch, as everyone speculates over Meghan Markle’s dress and who may receive invitations to Harry and Meghan’s May 19 nuptials. Twin psychics from Los Angeles known as Nostradamus in Stilettos claim that Diana, Princess of Wales will attend Harry and Meghan’s big day, according to British tabloid Daily Star and Mirror interviews conducted with these twin psychics who went by Nostradamus in Stilettos. According to these psychics she will watch over Harry and Meghan’s nuptials just like she attended William’s nuptials when William married Kate Middleton back in 2011.

William opened up to PEOPLE about his mother, Diana, revealing that he feels her presence at all royal events. Additionally, William discussed his forthcoming ITV and HBO documentary Diana: Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy with tears rolling down his cheeks during their discussion and nervously chewing on his lip like his mother would at public events.

William and Diana’s relationship was no doubt complicated, having been marred by marital strife and differing parenting approaches. Her death left a permanent imprint on William’s character as an individual; particularly his distaste of media coverage as well as keeping Harry and William close, which has been repeated after their loss by Harry and William alike. Her absence remains very real to both Harry and William to this day, even decades after Diana has passed.

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