Carmen Sandiego Costume Hat

Get a Look As Sexy As Carmen Sandiego With This Officially Licensed Costume!

Use this official licensed costume to transform into Carmen Sandiego with this official licensed look! Featuring her iconic red coat with matching hat and yellow scarf.

As Carmen Sandiego herself would say: “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” If you want to make an impression at this Halloween or other costumed parties, nothing beats this striking Carmen Sandiego costume!

Carmen Sandiego is a smart and savvy thief with a soft side. Renowned as the “world’s greatest thief”, Carmen was created by software developer Broderbund for animated television shows and educational video game franchises by Broderbund. Carmen usually appears as leader/founder of Villainous International League of Evil (V.I.L.E).

She is considered a master of heisting, yet nothing stands in her way. With her clever mind and creative solutions to escape capture by ACME detectives, she’s become a top priority on their Most Wanted list.

Even as ACME’s Most Wanted List’s number one thief, she always makes sure to dress in style! From planning an impossible heist to visiting coffee shops in Milan, she always wears her distinctive red coat and chic red hat in order to set herself apart from other thieves.

This officially licensed Carmen Sandiego costume is perfect for Halloween parties or other costumed events! Available in various sizes, everyone will be able to take advantage of this iconic yet seductive look!

It features a long trench coat in red with rows of buttons to form a double-breasted look and has matching belt that cinches around her waist for added cinching power. Her iconic red memory wire brim hat completes this sleek and sophisticated ensemble.

This hat is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable so you can wear it for hours with minimal sweat accumulation. Additionally, its wide brim offers more flattering coverage on the head.

You can purchase this costume in various sizes to accommodate most women, and even includes a wig to complete your look!

If you’re searching for an easy and sexy costume to put on, look no further than this Carmen Sandiego costume! Crafted with durable yet comfortable material, it will last through all the events planned in your schedule.

Make the day memorable at your next costume party or school dance with this unforgettable ensemble! Guaranteed to bring joy and entertainment at any special event! Bring this beautiful accessory and delight all your little guests at your next celebration.

She’s one of the most iconic characters in entertainment history and her unforgettable look is loved by millions. A master heister with worldwide support, she remains beloved to fans everywhere.

She became well-known for her portrayal of Carmen Sandiego on Baywatch television show and has become an X-rated internet celebrity with millions of subscribers to her social media page who regularly see her provocative photos shared via these platforms.

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