Royal Pet Pooch Crossword Clue

Royal Pet Pooch Crossword Answer

The British royal family are longtime animal enthusiasts and have had numerous furry companions as pets throughout history. But did you know they’ve also adopted some rather strange ones at times?

Prince William and Kate have raised three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis – in an extravagant home filled with animal companions such as their hamster Marvin or dog Lupo! Through this time they have shown their fondness for animals in many different ways!

William and Kate have relied on furry companions to help manage their busy lives as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but who are their favorite pets? Kate is well known for her pet petting skills, regularly taking various pups on day trips as companions.

She especially enjoys her pet guinea pig named Salt and Pepper, who she brought along to boarding school as she got older. Additionally, there’s Harry who’s part of their family unit.

No matter where they reside, animals deserve our highest consideration and care. The British Royal Family have long had a tradition of breeding dogs; however, over time they’ve also kept various bizarre pets such as crocodiles, bear cubs, and even two tiny hippopotami!

We’ve collected some of the coolest animal-inspired items owned by the Royals over time.

Corgis are considered the sexiest royal pet pooch; however, other cute-as-a-button dogs may also play an integral part in royal households!

Find all of your pet needs here from pet beds to dog ramps – life will become much simpler for both of you!

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