Martha Stewart Coffee Cups

Martha Stewart Coffee Cups

There’s something about Martha Stewart that draws in certain consumers; her brand-loyal audience are willing to devote money towards her newest venture, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia or MLSL. In order to reach this market more efficiently, Stewart and her team have taken to using online channels as marketing platforms, advertising their wares ranging from candy canes and sneakers, garlic cloves and cat litter among many other offerings.

Stewart stands out in her brand for its stylishness and flair, evident at her Manhattan eponymous store where an espresso machine, cups and selection of tea are displayed in glass-fronted drawers. A marble-topped island on wheels serves as both an additional workstation for cooking or seating area while entertaining guests.

Assembling these trends took just minutes and with its space-saving system of compartments it will leave you feeling like an accomplished architect afterward.

Marquee Brands and the MLSL team deserve our immense gratitude for making this article possible! We hope that you found it as entertaining as we did, and welcome any inquiries if any. Please let us know if any arise!

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