Calvin Johnson Dancing With The Stars

Calvin Johnson Makes Waves on Dancing With the Stars

Calvin Johnson, a six-time Pro Bowler and former Detroit Lions wide receiver, is no stranger to controversy – this week however he is making headlines for something completely different – his dance moves on Dancing With the Stars! The former NFL star has swapped out his cleats for ballroom shoes, making waves with partner Lindsay Arnold on the ballroom floor despite preseason chatter that Megatron would be an awkward dance partner; thus far they’ve fared quite well so far!

On Monday’s episode, which focused on Broadway shows, Johnson and Arnold performed a routine from Cats – even going as far as to train alongside its cast in New York for several weeks! Even with an occasional stumble toward the end, their judges scored them 26 out of 40!

Johnson and Arnold often teased each other during rehearsal with playful flirting, forging an obvious bond throughout their competition and working well as partners on the dance floor. Johnson often complimented Arnold on her perky personality and willingness to work hard, creating memorable moments during dances.

Johnson became known throughout his NFL career for his can-do attitude and ability to overcome challenges with determination. That same spirit has carried over into dance competitions this season where Johnson has already proven that he can compete at the highest levels.

Johnson may not have won the Mirror Ball trophy on Monday night, but is considered a strong candidate to advance to the finals. Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez and IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe earned spots alongside professional partners for this round.

Johnson could become the first athlete in 23 seasons of The Apprentice to win it all; for now though he’s simply enjoying his experience: “This will always remain with me!” he stated during a rehearsal segment taped for broadcast.

No decisions have been made yet as to his return to football, though Johnson remains open-minded as far as what may happen next. For now, though, he says he’s happy doing what he loves on the dance floor while dedicating much time and effort to The Calvin Johnson Jr. Foundation which promotes youth development and community outreach initiatives – such as providing education training social development support for at-risk youth as well as financial assistance to community organizations – which may fill some of the void left by his departure this year.

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