Bachelorette For Pregnant Bride

How to Plan a Bachelorette For Pregnant Bride

Bridesmaid duties can be demanding, and becoming pregnant complicates them further. Pregnant women face additional restrictions in terms of diet, physical activity and stress responses which make fulfilling all the expectations for an event impossible – some pregnant women choose not to be bridesmaids at weddings altogether due to this burdensome commitment.

Most brides-to-be are accommodating and don’t force pregnant friends into joining their weddings. But for those willing to go through with it, here are a few tips on planning a bachelorette party for a pregnant bride.

Be open and honest with the bride regarding plans, expectations and her desired celebration method. Discuss possible activities – hiking could be great; or maybe she prefers staying home and having pizza and chick flicks instead!

Make her feel extra special at her bachelorette party with custom accessories designed specifically for her, from simple items such as sashes or headbands to more extravagant options such as hiding sexy toys for a “sex toy scavenger hunt”, where blindfolded brides search their team members in search of hidden sexy toys hidden as prizes! Whoever wins gets an unforgettable prize!

Don’t be afraid of going without alcohol at your bachelorette party – there are plenty of activities and games you can do without indulging in alcohol, which will only add more stress for the bride who may already feel tired and uncomfortable during her second trimester. It would be best if she can enjoy herself without worry over drinking during this time!

Unattentive bridesmaids will likely want to avoid dancing with drunk cousins and feeling nauseated during a wedding reception, so be prepared with non-alcoholic options like sodas and mocktails as alternatives to alcohol. Furthermore, you might consider buying her comfortable wide shoes that she can wear during gestation as heels may prove hazardous to their wellbeing.

Keep the bride at the center of all decisions; her happiness and health must come first. If any of these tips conflict with medical advice, she should listen to her body. If benefits outweigh risks, however, then doing what makes her happy should be her choice.

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