Pedro From Family Chantel New Girlfriend

Is Pedro Jimeno From The Family Chantel Back in the Dating Game?

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett appeared as reality stars on 90 Day Fiance and its spinoffs before their marriage dissolved in real life. Now fans of The Family Chantel may be left wondering whether Pedro, once seen with Chantel on reality shows like 90 Day Fiance or its spinoffs, might be back in the dating game due to a recent photo posted of Pedro with an attractive female friend – possibly his coworker or perhaps someone looking for romance instead!

Chantel and Pedro met online through a language website and started communicating, eventually dating and eventually getting engaged. Soon thereafter they wed and traveled together to the US so Chantel could apply for her visa – they became so popular they even earned their own TLC spinoff series chronicling their journey!

As Chantel saw it, her marriage to Chris wasn’t holding together anymore – particularly when her husband started spending more time with his female co-workers instead of supporting her career or doing household tasks himself. Chris felt as if Chantel wasn’t contributing her share for keeping their home running smoothly. Throughout season 4, there were numerous instances that revealed their struggles as they attempted to move in together again – leading her to conclude he hadn’t spent enough time with her and instead spent more time hanging out with other female employees at work rather than supporting her career or her contributions around the house – creating tension within their marriage that resulted in disagreement between them that eventually caused serious tension between them both when trying to spend quality time together – especially with Chantel believing her husband wasn’t spending enough time together compared with hanging out with female colleagues instead. Additionally he wasn’t supporting Chantel when it came to chores around the house either!

Alongside these issues, family drama was intensifying as both couples’ families were increasingly at odds with one another – particularly Pedro’s sister Nicole who disliked Chantel intensely and would fight with her often over their differences, leading to some very dramatic scenes on TV.

This season of The Family Chantel is getting increasingly dramatic. The stars have been clashing over money issues, a battle which may continue into season 5. Meanwhile, another potential crisis may surface in future episodes: an impending divorce between Chantel and Jared could occur at any time!

One of the primary source of tension between Pedro and Chantel stems from Chantel’s perception that Pedro is taking money from her and her business, but Pedro denies any such allegations. Recently, though, an Instagram video may suggest otherwise; Coraima Morla caused controversy during 90 Day Fiance by grinding on Pedro; so perhaps this is another indication that their romance may reunite and become one of The Family Chantel’s focus areas in future episodes.

Pedro seems to have returned to dating, much to Chantel’s displeasure, with Chantel having new questions for Pedro about how she handles their relationship. Although no word has been given regarding when or if The Family Chantel Season 3 will air, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what comes of it all in 2019.

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