Mackenzie And Macey Conjoined Twins

The Story of Macey and Mackenzie Conjoined Twins

Macey and Mackenzie are like any other teenage girls – spending their days socializing and working their after-school jobs like any other teens do. What sets these twin sisters apart, however, is their unique circumstance of once being joined at birth before having life-altering surgery 17 years ago.

At 18-years-old, Mackenzie and Macey live together on a farm in Iowa where they enjoy horseback riding, climbing trees and spending time with their many pets. Both girls plan on going to college soon – Mackenzie wants to study agriculture while Macey wants to become a kindergarten teacher.

Mackenzie and Macey are seemingly ordinary high school seniors – their only difference lies in being conjoined at birth in December 2002 and later separated during a 24-hour surgery ten months later. Due to a birth mother with drug issues who could no longer care for the girls properly, they were sent off to an adoption agency where housewife Darla Garrison agreed to foster foster them along with husband Jeff whose three boys Tyler (20), Matt (17) and Luke were already being fostered at Darla’s house.

Caretaking the twins was not simple. Each had to wear a colostomy bag that required regular changes and experienced pain from having tissue expanders implanted in their backs and abdomens in preparation for their planned separation surgery. But despite these difficulties, they found joy in daily life despite all their health challenges, with their family loving them so much they decided to adopt them permanently.

Dr. James Stein, Chief Medical Officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, carried out a successful operation for both girls in July 2003. Although not without risks, Stein insisted on undertaking it because he knew it would give them their best chance at leading normal lives after separation. It proved successful and both twins were successfully parted apart.

As they recovered, Macey and Mackenzie developed distinct personalities. Macey was described as more introverted and preferred being at home; Mackenzie on the other hand was more outgoing and enjoyed outdoor activities. Now both sisters rely on one leg crutches to navigate life – and are living their best lives ever!

The Garrisons believe their daughters’ happiness is the result of hard work and their unwavering commitment to them. Not a week goes by without thinking about them and how far they’ve come together.

The girls are an inspiration, their story having been featured in several documentaries and currently being filmed for an upcoming feature film. You can follow their journey on Facebook; for more information about conjoined twins visit

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