Attn Grace Panty Liner

Attn Grace Panty Liner Review

Attn grace panty liner is an effective solution for maintaining daily intimate hygiene, designed to reduce skin irritation and discomfort.

Panty liners can be an invaluable aid during menstruation or when simply needing an everyday leakproof pad. Panty liners absorb vaginal discharge that occurs during your period and protect you from infections caused by prolonged moisture retention.

The ideal liners are constructed with top-notch materials that can be washed in the washing machine. They’re lightweight, soft and breathable for excellent breathability.

These bladder safe products boast a patented design that prevents harsh chemicals from coming in contact with your skin, making them safe even for sensitive bladders. Furthermore, their odor control is superior – there are no synthetic fragrances to worry about.

Most importantly, these liners are made from a renewable biodegradable material that’s better for the environment than plastic bottles they come from. You can select from several colors including black, white and lavender.

Attn Grace is a female-founded company on a mission to make women comfortable with their bladder leaks, not ashamed. Their products aim to remove the stigma attached to using incontinence products while providing those that are gentle on skin and the planet.

Liners, pads, and briefs from this company come in a range of sizes and styles to meet your personal requirements. Additionally, they offer a starter kit with some of their top-selling items which is available through retailers across Canada.

Attn:Grace is dedicated to sourcing their ingredients from sustainable, carbon-neutral factories and packaging them in recyclable containers. Additionally, they strive to eliminate the stigma surrounding incontinence and other women’s health issues.

Their products range from organic, flushable wipes to all-natural deodorant to nourishing body oil that moisturizes, tones and increases elasticity. All are backed by the Attn:Grace Skin-Safe Promise(tm) and patented design which guarantees your skin is never exposed to harmful chemicals.

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