Artisan De Luxe Home Throw

The Artisan De Luxe Home Throw

Nothing quite captures the coziness of a cozy throw draped across an arm of a couch or over the back of a chair. Although they may seem like simple home decor items, throws can actually be an effective way to dress up your living space and create an overall theme for your interiors.

Artisan de luxe

A signature element of any interior designer’s collection, whether you’re creating a modern home or an antique-themed room. With various styles, colors and patterns available online and in stores, there’s something to fit any space or style perfectly.

From traditional floral to playful tropical patterns, these unique artisan de luxe throws will add a stylish flair to your home. Crafted by Slowdown Studio in Australia, these 137cm x 178cm cotton-knit throws boast fridges on the edges that bring out their artistic patterns.


This soft and lightweight throw makes watching TV or reading a book much more comfortable. Plus, its Jacquard weave design lets the decorative pattern show on both sides of the fabric for an added stylish touch in your home. Perfect for sofas or beds alike, ODDRUN
Adds an inviting touch with its stylish pattern!


Crafted by IKEA Sweden branch, this throw is of superior quality and machine washable. Crafted with comfortable wool-blend fabric, JOFRID will keep you warm on chilly days.

Gray and white is an ideal color combination to complement your home decor, making it the perfect choice for bedrooms or living rooms. Not only does it add a cozy aesthetic, but the combination of gray and white keeps you cozy during cold days too!

This soft and breathable material helps you remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. It’s easy to wash without damaging your skin like other fabrics may do, plus it shields you from harmful UV rays.


A traditional Navaho-style print is the perfect way to liven up a neutral sofa with some color and texture. Available in various sizes and colors, the reversible throw can be folded under the seat cushion for a more casual look or tucked at the foot of the sofa for something formal.

You can also use the Navaho throw as a table runner in your dining room. Drape it over either a round pedestal table or square dining table to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

John Robshaw

John Robshaw’s homewares brand is inspired by the vibrant block-printing techniques he studied in Central and Southeast Asia. Each item reflects his passion for travel, beauty, and fine design – an expression of both.

Seek & Swoon

Smith-Huys, a former publicist and creative director, launched her eco-friendly, handmade throw brand in 2015. The recycled yarn she uses is regenerated from apparel factories cutting rooms, making it more expensive than new yarn; however, she was willing to pay the price to reduce waste.

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