Sanderson Farms Chicken Recall

Sanderson Farms Chicken Recall

Sanderson Farms, located in Laurel, Mississippi, manufactures and distributes fresh and frozen chicken products throughout the southern United States. Their selection consists of more than 100 distinct food items.

Established in 1947, the company’s primary activity is raising and slaughtering chickens. With over 900 independent suppliers, it ranks third among US poultry producers behind Tyson and Pilgrim’s.

Sanderson Farms experienced rapid expansion during the 1980s and 1990s, leading to healthy profits. This expansion was enabled by its purchase of additional processing plants and diversification in product lines.

Sanderson Farms had always funded its growth internally as a family-owned business. But in 1987, the company went public and the sale of stock generated enough cash to finance expansion.

In 1986, Sanderson Farms expanded further when it acquired National Prepared Foods of Jackson, Mississippi. This acquisition gave them access to prepared chicken, beef, pork and seafood markets. Through diversification and the addition of chicken processing and deboning facilities at its Jackson headquarters, Sanderson Farms quickly became a dominant force within this sector.

By the mid-1990s, the company had grown to process over 160 million chickens annually and produced nearly 522 million pounds of dressed meat. In 1994, its sales exceeded $269 million while operating profits exceeded $32 million.

The company still produces its own Miss Goldy brand of chicken, in addition to supplying chicken to various food service companies and fast-food restaurants. Its sales and distribution are primarily concentrated in the southeast United States, though they also export chicken to Canada and Europe.

Since the early 1990s, the company has invested heavily in new plant projects such as expansions at its Laurel and Hazlehurst facilities. Furthermore, they have expanded into other states like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.

Today, the company is one of the world’s most esteemed poultry companies. Its cutting-edge operations, accomplished management team and industry-leading employee safety record are testament to their dedication to best practices in poultry production.

The company has a proven record of successfully integrating and improving its facilities, leading to lower costs, higher productivity levels, and greater adaptability when meeting changing customer demands. Furthermore, they have an aggressive investment strategy for investing in their employees as part of their commitment to cultivating an exceptional culture.

Sanderson Farms’ commitment to quality and integrity has earned them numerous awards and honors throughout their history, including the esteemed President’s Award from the American Institute of Conservation. Furthermore, they were given the USDA’s highest honor for food safety dedication.

In addition to its extensive plant investment, the company has also implemented a comprehensive supply chain program that ensures high standards in every aspect of production and processing. This has resulted in an impressive decrease in food safety risks as well as enhanced operational efficiency.

In September 2015, Sanderson Farms issued a voluntary recall for approximately 554,090 pounds of chicken parts that may have been contaminated with extraneous metal materials. A further-processor had alerted their plant in Hazelhurst, Mississippi that a sample of chicken product had been discovered to contain metal shavings. As soon as this information was received, the plant immediately recalled all affected items and instructed customers to place them on hold and return them.

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