Five And Below Pillows

How to Choose Five and Below Pillows

Pillows have a major influence on sleep quality, so it’s essential to choose one that supports your body’s natural curves. Furthermore, you should consider how well your pillow performs in terms of comfort, support, temperature regulation and pain relief.

How a Pillow Works

The materials, loft and firmness level as well as how it’s shaped are all crucial factors in how well a pillow works for your sleep needs. If you have neck or shoulder pain, an orthopedic pillow with extra-long lumbar support may alleviate pressure points. Additionally, high-loft pillows may be necessary if you snore heavily.

Price: Pillows come in a wide range of prices, with most selling for under $200. The amount charged depends on both the materials and construction as well as how it’s made.

Quality: Pillows come in a range of materials, such as down alternatives, polyfill and memory foam. How the pillow feels depends largely on its fill type and how it stretches or compresses over time. Typically, high-quality pillows are made from organic or eco-friendly materials like cotton or wool.

How It Feels: The most luxurious and fluffy pillows are typically filled with down, although synthetic alternatives, buckwheat hulls or other materials can also be found in many pillows. If you appreciate the plush sensation that down provides, look for a pillow that has down-like qualities or is composed of both down and feathers.

Cooling: If you want your pillow to help regulate room temperature, opt for one with a cooling cover. Some down pillows tend to trap heat, but some can be made with cooling gel or another material which helps combat that tendency.

Sleeping Position: Most people prefer to sleep on their backs or sides, though some individuals choose to sleep on their stomachs too. No matter if you prefer lying flat or curled up in a ball, look for pillows with low or mid-range profiles which provide proper head and neck support without overcompressing your spine.

Care: It is essential to take good care of your pillow in order to extend its lifespan. Most are machine washable, but some have dry cleaning or spot treating instructions – so read the care label before purchasing your pillow.

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What Are the Popular Styles?

For a versatile pillow that works with most bedding sets, Tempur-Pedic’s Ghostbed might be your best bet. It is designed to be both soft and supportive with its hybrid foam core providing bounce and support around your neck, shoulders and spine. Available in two profile options — high profile for side sleepers and lower profile for back or stomach sleepers — this pillow provides support at every angle.

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