Yuli Gurriel Net Worth

Yuli Gurriel Net Worth – How Much Is Yuli Gurriel Worth?

If you love baseball, you’ll definitely know about Yuli Gurriel, the first baseman for the Houston Astros. He is a professional baseball player with a great amount of fame.

The talented player is from Cuba, but he is also known to have decamped to the United States in 2016. In 2016, he signed a five-year contract with the Astros for $47.5 million. Among the terms of his contract were $500,000 buyouts on his options for the next two seasons.

Despite his success, Gurriel has not been able to reach his full potential. His offensive numbers are average at best, and he has a relatively low on-base percentage. As a result, he earned $51,009,557 during his four seasons with the Astros. During his last season, he missed one game due to a hand injury. However, he has now agreed to extend his contract with the Astros.

Besides his fame, Gurriel has a family and a wife. His wife is named Lianet Barrera. They were dating for a long time before they got married. While they are not publicly active on social media, they have a private life.

Their relationship is not public, but their relationship has been going strong for a long time. Gurriel and his wife have been learning English together with an instructor from the Astros.

Although the couple has not publicly confirmed that they are married, sources claim that they are indeed married. They have three children. Two of their sons are enrolled in baseball. One of them is due in April 2022.

Another son is named Lourdes Gurriel Jr., and he is the oldest of the three kids. He is not fluent in English, but he is a good speaker. Moreover, he is the son of a former MLB player, Lourdes Gurriel Delgado. Moreover, he is a part of the famous Players with age 38 group.

Other than his wife and son, Gurriel has a younger brother, who is also a professional baseball player. Earlier, he played for the Sancti Spiritus, the Cuban national team. During his career, he has received six RBIs in the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

Gurriel and his family are currently residing in Miami, Florida. He is also the father of a baby girl.

Although he hasn’t publicly announced his marital status, it is believed that he is married to Lianet Barrera. They have a close relationship and they seem to have a long-term future together. This could be the reason why they don’t share many pictures with the public. Nonetheless, a few pictures of their family can be found online.

In the meantime, they plan to have a third child in 2021. However, the couple has yet to officially announce that they are expecting.

In the upcoming months, fans will be able to get an inside look into the lives of the Astros star and his wife. A photo album will be published on his official Instagram account, which is titled “el yuly10.” Despite his success, Gurriel has been criticized for not communicating with the media in an appropriate manner.

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