Yourself Expression Net Worth 2021

Yourself Expression Net Worth 2021

Yourself Expression is a company whose products can be worn or displayed as is, or in a multitude of ways. The company’s latest offering, the Gracie Roze line, features a line of bling worthy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. It’s also got a strong wholesale presence, with products available at Hallmark, retail boutiques, and hospital gift stores. Some of the bigger names in the industry have even started carrying the goods. In the future, Shelby and Gordon plan to expand their horizons, including the cruise lines and theme parks. Their net worth is currently unknown, but it’s sure to grow in the coming years.

There’s no shortage of jewelry and accessory companies out there, but the Gracie Roze line stands out among the swarm. In addition to its jewelry line, the company also boasts a small but growing collection of home decor items. For those looking for something a little more affordable, the company offers several unique and high quality home accessories. Most of the items are made in the USA. They even have a few cleverly crafted accessories for pets.

The company also claims to have the best customer service in the industry, a fact that is likely due to the fact that founders Shelby and Gordon have both been working in the jewelry business since their teenage years. The duo has been able to make the most of their time in the trenches by establishing a network of affiliates who all have a common goal. These networkers all have the same mission – to become self sufficient by putting themselves and their products first. As a result, the pair has created a thriving business, one they’re proud of.

As of the time of this writing, Yourself Expression boasts a burgeoning retail presence, with 90 stores, ninety-two if you count the online store. The company is also getting into the character licensing business, with a new line of figurines based on the Disney Channel’s popular series, “Disney Princess”. The company recently rolled out its most comprehensive collection of popables to date, including the largest assortment of popables in the country.

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