Who Are The Actors In The Bob Evans Commercial

Bob Evans Casts Matthew Goode and Martina McBride in New Commercial

Bob Evans’ commercial for busy dads is another example of how this central Ohio company utilizes country music stars to market its products. This ad features Martina McBride, who helps promote recipes using Bob Evans refrigerated side dishes as the main component in dinners.

The ad appeals to two types of consumers: those pressed for time but lack the confidence to prepare their meals; and foodies who enjoy both fresh and pre-made items. Furthermore, it emphasizes the company’s Love at First Bite theme, encouraging customers to try different types of refrigerated sides before making a purchasing decision.

Matthew Goode is a British actor best known for his roles on Brideshead Revisited and The Good Wife. Most recently, he appeared as Robert Evans in Paramount+’s limited series The Offer, playing an iconic production boss.

Goode’s role as Evans, who is credited with revolutionizing cinema, required him to perfect more than just wearing the appropriate suits and glasses. To truly capture Evans’ iconic character, Goode had to perfect both his New York accent and deep Boston tone.

He accomplished all this to bring the late Paramount production boss to life, and did so with remarkable accuracy and skill. It is no wonder why Emmy-nominated actor earned some of his best reviews ever for his performance on The Offer.

Evans was an acclaimed producer who produced many classic films throughout his career, such as Barefoot in the Park, Romeo and Juliet, Rosemary’s Baby, The Italian Job, True Grit and Serpico. Additionally he served as executive producer on films like The Godfather Part II, Chinatown and Urban Cowboy.

Evans was the head of production at Paramount Pictures, helping it transform from a struggling film studio into one of Hollywood’s most successful. His productions produced many hits for Gulf+Western – who owned Paramount – and turned the business into a profitable enterprise for them.

In 1966, Charles Bluhdorn recruited Evans to head up the production division at Paramount Studios. Despite his lack of experience, Evans managed to turn around this struggling studio and propel it to the top of Hollywood’s eight major studios.

He was also responsible for creating the public service special GET HIGH ON YOURSELF, broadcast in the 1980s and becoming one of the most popular drug-related TV specials. The show featured appearances by celebrities like Henry Winkler and Carol Burnett.

At Paramount, Evans produced several controversial films such as The Godfather and the original Star Wars trilogy. Additionally, he became a leading figure in anti-drug activism, appearing on multiple television shows to discuss his conviction for trying to purchase $19,000 worth of cocaine.

After his departure from Paramount, Evans continued to produce and star in films and documentaries. He was a founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and served on the board of directors for the American Film Institute until his passing in October 2019 at 89 years old.

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