Where Was Freaky Friday Filmed

Where Was Freaky Friday Filmed?

Though San Diego may not be as famous for movies as Los Angeles, it boasts plenty of stunning locations that have become iconic due to their appearances in films. Many are located downtown areas that draw in tourists. This particular movie remains one of those timeless favorites with many people today.

San Diego was an ideal location for filming the film due to its stunning natural landscapes that it offered its viewers. Furthermore, its famed surf and ocean were integral parts of the plotline of the movie.

In the film, a mother and daughter swap bodies to try to work through their issues with each other. The story has plenty of heart and humor throughout, and in the end they come to an understanding.

This film was a beloved favorite in 2003 and continues to remain so today. Places featured in the movie such as Miramar Naval Air Station and Kansas City Barbeque remain iconic to this day.

Other great locations featured in the movie include Palisades Cliffside Park in Santa Monica, California. This scenic park stretches for more than a mile along the coastline and offers stunning views of both city and ocean.

Other iconic locations featured in the film include Miramar Naval Air Station and Post Loma Coast Guard Lighthouse, both must-sees for anyone visiting the area. These popular tourist spots have been featured prominently on various movies and TV shows alike.

Another remarkable location featured in the film was a mall. The Discount Bonanza shop seen at one point was actually shot at Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth, Georgia.

Covington, Georgia was an integral part of the movie. This charming little town served as the main location for Blissfield – a fictional town home to the main characters in the story. Covington boasts many beautiful historical buildings that make for captivating visuals.

Covington served as both the main location and shooting location for some of the main characters in the movie, including vampire Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

While many scenes for this film were shot elsewhere in Georgia, a few cities served as backdrops. Covington, Georgia served as the first location and it boasts many beautiful historical buildings as well as one of the prettiest squares you’ll find anywhere in the state.

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