Lorelai Gilmore Engagement Ring From Luke

A Gilmore Girls Engagement Ring From Luke

Lorelai Gilmore was raised by wealthy parents who desired her to become a proper young lady of high society. She was expected to attend an Ivy League college and marry someone of her father’s wealth and status, ultimately failing in both endeavors.

Lorelai eventually married Christopher (David Sutcliffe), but their union didn’t turn out the way Lorelai had hoped. Although their relationship started off on a good footing, secrets, immaturity and unreliability began to creep into her life.

Luke wasn’t Lorelai’s only notable boyfriend; she also dated Max Medina, Rory’s teacher, but their connection wasn’t quite the same. Ultimately, though, Lorelai ended up leaving him because he was too pushy and didn’t provide her with enough space or time.

Luke and Lorelai had many reasons why they hadn’t married yet, including the addition of daughter April to their lives. Nonetheless, the two managed to work through these obstacles over the course of the show and finally tied the knot in 2016 during Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life miniseries.

One of the most romantic scenes on the show occurs early in season one when Lorelai and Luke are strolling in a park. As Lorelai says, “I want this to be a fairy-tale marriage,” Luke replies that only you can make that happen: “Lorelai.”

Just when it appears their romance is over, they run into each other again at Chilton’s bicentennial and share a kiss. Their passion is reignited and soon thereafter both got engaged!

One moment that perfectly captures Luke and Lorelai’s love is when she confronts him about their insecurity during a heart-to-heart conversation about their future. She worries he might not be content with Rory and wants to leave, but Luke calmly replies “No, I don’t want you to leave. I just have some concerns about your future with Rory.”

Her response is a forceful and eloquent rebuke to Chris that doesn’t skirt around the fact that she has second thoughts about getting back together with him. While her hesitation to get back together may be understandable, it also serves as evidence that she still loves him despite all their past errors.

When Lorelai attempts to share her fears with Luke, he attempts to explain that Lorelai doesn’t really believe she’s leaving him forever; rather, she’s simply having a bad day and needs some space.

Luke is left feeling betrayed, which is understandable given Lorelai’s journey and all she’s gone through; yet his investment in her still makes me love him even more.

Luke and Lorelai’s engagement was a long time coming, but it wasn’t perfect either. Along the way they faced numerous difficulties such as Rory’s grandfather passing away and her parents divorcing; yet they managed to overcome them all to have their dream wedding! Furthermore, they stayed together for ten years – an incredibly impressive feat on any show but especially so in this one!

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