When Is Sunset In Maryland

When is Sunset in Maryland?

When is Sunset in Maryland

Sunrise and sunset times in Maryland are changing rapidly. Days are becoming longer by about 52 minutes each month and now remain above the horizon at noon even in winter, which indicates we are entering into an age of twilight.

Twilight occurs between dusk and dark night due to more atmosphere being in its path for sunlight to pass through, scattering shorter wavelengths while leaving longer waves such as red, orange and yellow in its path. As a result, it forces the sun to travel higher up over its horizon before it can set, giving rise to dramatic skies as its path travels.

Below you can find the times for all days in May for civil twilight, astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, solar noon and total day length. These times are local for Baltimore and adjusted to take account of DST where applicable while taking into account refraction as necessary. All dates follow the Gregorian calendar; please click any day’s name for additional information and this page also features links to full moon calendar and lunar phase graph.

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