Pauline My 600 Lb Life 2022

Pauline Potter Continues Her Recovery From My 600-Lb Life 2022

TLC’s My 600-lb Life was an inspiring series that premiered in 2015, sharing stories of people who had overcome compulsive eating to achieve sustainable weight loss. While many of its stars continued their healthy habits well into 2022, others may have diverged from what was promised upon joining My 600-lb Life or stopped filming altogether.

Pauline Potter was a dramatic example of this. At her initial appearance on the show, she weighed 643 pounds and was in an acute state due to her obesity; its impact manifesting itself through chronic knee pain and lymphedema in one leg. It became clear that Pauline needed immediate assistance; ultimately leading her directly into Dr. Now’s office for treatment.

However, like several of her fellow patients on the show, she rebelled against Dr. Now’s stringent diet plan and ultimately only managed to lose 149 pounds during her season; one of the lowest results ever achieved by this show!

As the series progressed, viewers witnessed with horror as Pauline began relapsing into her old habits of compulsive eating and lymphedema-related walking difficulties, reaching 678 pounds at its highest. Finally she agreed to get surgery, and her life began turning around again.

Pauline worked tirelessly to overcome her food addiction and follow Dr. Now’s program. By the time of her return on ‘Where Are They Now?’ in 2019, she had lost over 300 pounds and qualified for skin removal surgery.

Nearly two years since her appearance on the show, Pauline remains living in California and working to maintain her new-found health. She maintains an active social media presence by regularly uploading images showing off how great she looks; in addition, she’s regularly been seen at events, keeping fans updated with her progress.

Pauline still hasn’t fully recovered from her experience on My 600-lb Life, as former cast members allege Dr. Now lied about covering medical costs and production expenses associated with making the show. While some cases have already been settled or are ongoing.

Pauline and Dr. Now have yet to reach an understanding, so fans are left hoping they will soon reach a peaceful agreement. In the meantime, Pauline’s fans can continue following her journey on TLC’s My 600-lb Life and be inspired by her impressive transformation. We will keep an eye out for any updates regarding Pauline as we stay tuned – hopefully My 600-lb Life will return with another season soon enough!

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