When Is John Hardy Biannual Sale 2021

John Hardy Biannual Sale 2021

Visit Rochester from April 4 – 7 and shop from one of Rochester’s biggest selections of John Hardy watches and collections while you still can! Don’t miss it – shop now to make sure that all your favorites make it home.

Reed Krakoff is no stranger to working on high-profile brands: He transformed Coach into a $5 billion fashion label and established jewelry franchises for Tiffany before leaving to launch his namesake jewelry collection. For his latest project, L Catterton approached Reed to reinvent beachy tropical jeweler John Hardy; originally founded by its namesake designer back in 1975 but recently purchased by private equity firm L Catterton as their portfolio company.

Krakoff’s work is grounded in holistic design principles and his belief that good design should be accessible for everyone (not just those who can afford it), and he has already begun making significant changes at John Hardy. Reimagining it through modern cultural lenses while revitalizing sterling silver jewelry as the hallmark product, and also creating men’s collections as part of expanding John Hardy’s global workshop network are just two ways he has already set about revitalizing it.

John Hardy jewelry takes between three and ten months to craft, as it is handmade by real artisan goldsmiths using traditional techniques such as jawan (granulation), tenun (woven mesh) and rantai (woven chain), which have been modernized into contemporary bracelets, earrings, rings and more.

Krakoff Jewelry has made strides to reduce energy usage throughout their manufacturing process by employing solar panels and various environmental strategies at their workshops, with backing from owner LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton who value sustainability and responsible sourcing practices. Their ultimate goal is to increase sales while protecting its 450-person team of artisans located in Bali.

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