Sallys Baking Addiction Caramel Sauce

Sally’s Baking Addiction Review – Easy Caramel Sauce

Sally’s Baking Addiction is an immensely popular cooking website with an avid following. Featuring handpicked decadent recipes such as homemade pistachio cupcakes with strawberry frosting and dark chocolate bread pudding. Sally also released three cookbooks through this platform.

One of the most beloved recipes on her site is her easy caramel sauce recipe. Not only is this easy and delicious dish easy to make, but you can customize its flavors depending on what flavors are desired – simply combine heavy cream with salt, vanilla extract or spirits (such as whiskey or bourbon) of choice to customize its taste to suit any desired palate! Useful in many applications from pouring over ice cream, dousing cinnamon rolls with caramel cheesecake and even warming for seconds in the microwave before use!

Sally’s Baking Addiction offers another delicious dessert option with their burnt sugar caramel cake recipe, sure to delight. It features moist, spongy layers topped off with rich caramel icing and delicious toasted pecans – making this the ideal treat for special events and holidays!

Prep time for this recipe is key. Be vigilant as the sugar melts, and remove it as soon as it reaches a deep amber color – indicated by its loud crackling sound and alteration in consistency – before it overcooks and becomes inedible. Allowing it to cook too long could result in black sugar being produced that cannot be used later.

Once the syrup has cooled, you can stir in butter and other ingredients for an easy sauce recipe that tastes even better than store bought versions. This is an excellent way for families to come together in the kitchen and learn to create homemade desserts; plus this easy step-by-step recipe ensures even novice chefs will be successful.

This easy caramel sauce recipe will become one of your go-tos! Simply add salt or vanilla bean seeds for a salted or vanilla caramel, while bourbon or whiskey is optional for an enhanced, more complex taste. Keep it in the fridge up to three weeks and enjoy over ice cream, granola, cheesecake or drizzle it on top of blondies – or dare yourself and drizzle a bit over these Sea Salt Caramels (you’ll feel proud knowing it all came from you)! Best part about all this homemade goodness? Knowing you created everything yourself!

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