We Wore What Cow Print

How We Wore What Cow Print

Animal prints have never gone out of style, from leopard to zebra and cheetah prints adorning runways and celebrities’ wardrobes alike. This summer, cow print made its appearance on fashion radars everywhere: cow print.

As its name implies, cow print pattern brings to mind Western lifestyle: riding horses, herding cattle or living on the open range. Recognizable by its brown and white spots reminiscent of Holstein cows, you may also find cow print in other vibrant colors like red, blue and yellow.

If you’re a fan of this trend, don’t be shy to rock it as often as desired. It’s the ideal way to add some western flair to your ensemble.

Pair your cow print pieces with other fall trends to create a stylish ensemble! Add 90s-style sunglasses, leather jackets in futuristic hues and chunky dad sneakers for an ultra-trendy 2021 look that won’t go out of style!

Matching sets are always a wise decision when trying out new trends. Here, we’re styling a cow print skirt with its matching blouse and patent ankle boots for an adorable ensemble.

This season, stylish cow print bags are a must-have. Missguided has the ideal one for your fall wardrobe – pair it with either skirt and leggings, mom jeans and matching crop top, or add it to any ensemble for an effortlessly fashionable look!

If you’re not sure how to wear this trend, try out a chic cow print face mask! They were all the rage on Instagram last summer and are an ideal way to experiment with this style without going overboard.

Dress up a cow print outfit by adding a statement necklace and heels. This ensemble also screams fall, so finishing it off with a faux fur coat is an excellent idea.

We can’t wait to see where this trend will lead us in 2020!

As the fashion world continues to honor cows’ long history of hard work, we can’t help but wonder where this print will take us next. Check out some of our favorite looks below!

Cow print isn’t a new trend, but it has quickly become one of the must-haves for your fall closet this season. For something bold and unexpected instead of leopard or zebra prints, cow print is definitely worth considering!

Cow print is an understated yet stylish option that can be paired with minimalist neutrals, edgy all black or crisp all white. It provides a refreshing change from the overly-bright leopard, snake or cheetah prints currently trending.

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