Waterboy I Love Mama

The Waterboy and Mother’s Day

Texas Department of Transportation officials have come up with an unconventional way of reminding drivers to buckle up and honor Mother’s Day: by quoting Adam Sandler’s 1998 movie The Waterboy. Sandler portrays an underachieving college football player who rebels against his mother’s wishes by becoming a star linebacker through channeling all his anger against opposing players into combative play against opposing teams.

The movie was an instantaneous hit and set a new standard in sports comedies. Even today, fans still love its catchy soundtrack and memorable lines such as, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Additionally, its production gave a significant boost to an underserved high school in Florida; their production crew gave a brand-new stadium as a thank-you present!

At over 24 years since The Waterboy was released, fans still eagerly anticipate a sequel and it appears the filmmakers might be open to this idea. Frank Coraci recently indicated during an interview with Variety Awards Circuit Podcast that his team may consider making another installment, although nothing official has been decided yet.

Remaking The Waterboy may seem like an easy project at first glance. The original film was notoriously juvenile and silly – something many audiences found enjoyable – while Kathy Bates made famous her declarations of affection towards the Waterboy character she played so effortlessly in this iconic comedy with its nonsensical world of Southern college football and her characters’ frequent declarations that she loved him (which have become iconic pop culture references).

Though The Waterboy may not have as many memorable lines from comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s career, it remains an enjoyable movie and its message remains timeless and inspiring. Fans can revisit it again and again and watch for laughs.

Sandler has appeared in The Waterboy as well as various roles such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Little Nicky, Davey Stone, Whitey Duvall, Zohan Dvir, Sam Brenner, Dracula in Hotel Transylvania and Q*bert in Pixels. Additionally he’s a regular on the comedy circuit; hosting The Adam Sandler Show on Comedy Central as well as two HBO specials.

Though the pandemic may have put a dent in Sandler’s usual output of new content, he still managed to have some fun with it. Teaming up with Jimmy Fallon from SNL, they released a song dedicated to frontline workers and their mothers which makes a refreshingly humorous take on quarantine protocol – see it for yourself below!

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