John Varvatos Black Suit

John Varvatos Black Suit

Designer John Varvatos recently opened a store in downtown Detroit, joining three other retailers who are helping shape its gradual revival. While strolling around his store he encountered several notable figures, such as Detroit Tigers player Justin Verlander (with partner Kate Upton), actor Michael Bolton filming a documentary on Detroit, as well as two brothers of Mr. Varvatos dressed in their shirts!

He’s even noticed a woman wearing one of his dresses; “she exudes fashion and knows her own unique style,” according to him. She doesn’t shy away from standing out, either!

After enjoying a Coney Island-style Coney dog from Detroit favorite Coney Island Dog Company, Mr. Varvatos toured around town in a Chrysler 300C limited-edition model customized with diesel gray stitching and his logo before heading back to his store where his customers are gathering for an performance by Alice Cooper, another Detroiter.

At his store, Mr. Varvatos finds the crowd so dense he must lean over a railing in order to access his microphone and deliver some sartorial advice: “Taper is always better than full bust.” Men should aim for half-inch reveal of shirt cuff. For Thom Browne-esque looks he suggests longer sleeve options while those preferring Pee-wee Herman length are advised on using calf lace-ups instead.

This two-button peak lapel jacket and slim fit trousers set combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetic. Crafted from premium wool-blend fabric, they boast tonal windowpane patterns for an elegant yet versatile look. Pair it with dark printed shirts for maximum versatility!

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