Warner’s Winter Warm Up

Warner’s Winter Warm-Up

Warner’s Winter Warm-Up is a charity event that provides winter coats to those in need. The campaign has been held for 10 years and has so far donated more than 120,000 coats to impoverished people in Missouri. This year, the drive will continue through November 5. If you would like to help, visit the “Warner’s Warm-Up” booth at the St. Louis Blues Plaza Level, outside of the front entrance. Fans can drop off a new or gently used winter coat and receive six raffle tickets for a chance to win Blues autographed memorabilia.

In a press release, Kurt Warner, owner of KTRS, said that the coats are needed now more than ever. He said that he is calling on St. Louis and the Bi-State area to donate. Those who do so can enter the raffle to win Blues memorabilia and a trip to the World Series. Also, a police department in Frontenac is accepting donations, and anyone can stop by and pick up a warm winter jacket. A list of participating agencies can be found on the Foundation’s website.

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