Vance Reynoir New Orleans

Vance Greenslit Reynoir

The name of Vance GREENSLIT REYNOIR is more than a bit of web-browser fluff. Currently he works as an investment adviser if the numbers are anything to go by. His sex is no slouch either, he’s been married more than once. But for the past six years, he’s been living in New Orleans. It’s a city with a notoriously batty reputation and his phils are anything but. A little luck and a whole lot of grit can go a long way.

Notably, he’s been lucky enough to have lived in some swell neighborhoods, including the Garden District and Uptown. Although the city’s power has been knocked out, it’s still a city to behold. This, paired with the plethora of other perks, have made the city a true hotspot. On the flip side, New Orleans is also a crowded metropolis, and the lack of phone service, as well as a plethora of nefarious characters, have a way of spicing things up. For a city of a population of nearly two million, it’s a wonder that they haven’t found themselves in trouble.

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