Tunnel Earrings

How to Make Tunnel Earrings

Tunnel earrings can be made using a variety of techniques. The best way to make these earrings is by using a reputable piercer. After the piercing, the tunnel should be cleaned regularly to prevent infection. Moreover, you should stretch them slowly to avoid damaging them. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect pair of tunnel earrings:

Tunnel earrings are hollow cylinders that are made of metal or plastic. The center is large, and the flesh around the cylinder gradually stretches to fit the jewelry. These earrings have been in use for centuries, and are worn by both men and women. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. If you wear one, you will have the opportunity to attract attention and spark conversation.

Plugs are also available in flared and non-flared styles. Flared plugs have a flare on one end while non-flared plugs do not have one. If the flare is not tight enough, the plug may fall out. In such cases, you may want to opt for gauged plugs. These are easier to insert than flared ones.

Plugs are another type of tunnel earring. They are typically inserted into a hole in the earlobe. These can be either solid or hollow, and are usually made of a wide variety of materials. A popular material for plugs is acrylic. If you wear plug earrings, make sure that the earlobe is large enough to accommodate them.

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