Trisha Yearwood Spaghetti Sauce

Cowboy Lasagna by Trisha Yearwood

Cowboy lasagna is a pizza-inspired pasta dish sure to please your hungry crew.

Though lasagna has long been part of Italian-American cuisine, Trisha Yearwood takes it to new heights with some unique ingredients that make this dish truly memorable.

Lasagna is the classic dish, made with noodles, sauce and cheese. For a unique take on this classic recipe, add chopped veggies and meat like ground beef or Italian sausage for extra flavor.

This dish is perfect to celebrate National Pasta Day or any time you’re craving some comforting pasta dishes. The pasta is coated in a tomato-based sauce and topped with an irresistible layer of mozzarella cheese.

The sauce is composed of tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic and red pepper flakes. Additionally, it includes some traditional pasta ingredients like parmesan and mozzarella for flavor.

This high-tech spaghetti sauce includes all of the elements you would expect in a gourmet sauce: sugar (or other sweetener) for that classic sweet-and-sour taste, along with red wine for additional complexity.

Measureting ingredients precisely is the key to crafting a great spaghetti sauce. A balance of flour, salt and water will produce an ideal consistency that’s neither too dry nor runny.

A recipe like this should be on every cook’s list of must-trys in the kitchen. Its most impressive feat: it takes only 30 minutes to prep and is ready for serving within an hour!

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