Darcy Carden Water Polo

Darcy Carden Plays Janet in “A League of Their Own”

Darcy Carden has been a fan of water polo since her days playing it in high school. Now, she has an important role on Amazon Prime Video show “A League of Their Own,” which requires her to work out eight hours daily.

Meanwhile, she still finds time for improv and has taken some acting jobs in NYC. She has appeared on UCB Comedy Originals and has had small roles on television shows.

D’Arcy Carden was raised in a musical family and attended Southern Oregon University before beginning her acting career with the UCB Touring Company. Her first professional role was Rhonda Casting, followed by appearances on several UCB shows before moving to New York.

She’s currently working as a spokesperson for Truvia, which offers healthier coffee alternatives. Additionally, she is prepping for her latest project “A League of Their Own,” which she describes as an “incredibly fun experience” since it allows her to work on an “old classic.”

Carden loves sports, but she’s striving to find balance between exercise and her career as a comedian. Whether she’s lip sync-ing a belch or smirking enthusiastically when asked “Believe,” Carden makes it look effortless as she effortlessly switches characters.

She showcased her chameleon skills in the “Janet(s)” episode, where she had to play five distinct versions of Janet without losing herself. While regular viewers will recognize her as Janet, she must also adopt Eleanor (Kristin Bell), Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Jason (Manny Jacinto) and Tahani (Jameela Jamil)’s personalities and cadence.

Carden’s character in “Neutral Janet” is considerably less enthusiastic than her earlier versions, although she still smiles. Instead of using a wide-open mouth to express joy and enthusiasm, she uses her eyes instead for conveying happiness and anticipation. She even leans forward briefly as if off balance, adding an extra layer to the fun!

Once Carden adopts her “Chidi” persona, she displays even more skills. Her posture changes as she changes from pockets to the back of her shirt and lets her arms drop to her sides at times while talking quickly. Her voice gets deeper as well, and she even starts petting a puppy that’s been added into the mix. Carden’s facial expressions change throughout each moment: from smile to disbelief then sadness when reminded that her best friend has passed away.

Carden’s chameleon abilities are on full display here, as she adjusts her voice and body language to suit each character. As Eleanor, she can utter quick phrases; as Chidi however, Carden can express more nuanced emotions such as when she tells Eleanor that she has saved his life.

She’s an exceptional creator, creating a believable dynamic between her characters that viewers can believe in. This episode earned her SpoilerTV’s Staff Choice Performer of the Month award for December; an incredible talent who deserves more recognition than what she usually receives.

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