Tony Oliva Net Worth

Tony Oliva Net Worth

A baseball player with a career of more than 15 years, Tony Oliva has a net worth of $5 million. He is an eight-time All-Star who played for the Minnesota Twins. His jersey number 6 was retired by the team in 1991. In addition to his eight All-Star appearances, he earned Rookie of the Year honors and the AL batting title in 1964.

Despite his stellar performance, Oliva’s career was plagued by a series of serious knee injuries. After his career with the Twins ended in 1976, he began coaching and working as a hitting coach. When he retired from professional ball, he had a batting average of.304 and 21 RBI. One of the most successful hits of his career was a warning-track fly ball in the ninth inning of a game that would have earned him a trip to the Hall of Fame.

In 1961, Oliva made his professional debut with the Wytheville Twins of the Appalachian League. After a slow start, he was able to pick up his speed. During his sophomore season, he was a monster hitter. The team moved him to the heart of their batting order. As a result, he won two batting titles.

Oliva’s career in the Major Leagues lasted from 1962 to 1976. Although he played in the “second dead-ball era,” he remained one of the game’s most consistent hitters during the first eight seasons.

Oliva led the American League in batting in 1964 and ranked third in 1969. He had the second-best batting average in the league in 1970 and hit.304 in a career that spanned over 3,000 at-bats.

Oliva was an eight-time All-Star, won three American League batting championships, and was runner-up for the MVP award in 1965. He was an eight-time nominee for the Gold Glove Award, as well. He was a member of the Twins’ teams that won the 1966 American League pennant and a pair of Western Division titles.

After playing 15 years in the MLB, he spent the remainder of his career in baseball’s “second dead-ball era.” In his final three years, Oliva was a designated hitter. During his time as a coach, he developed the hitting skills of Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett.

Oliva was a major part of the Minnesota Twins’ team that won the 1965 American League pennant. He was an integral part of the team’s first and second wins in the Western Division. He also won the Golden Glove Award for his play in that year.

Before his 15-year MLB career, Oliva played minor tournaments. In 1961, he escaped Cuba to begin his professional baseball career in the United States. Upon arriving, he was scouted by a Twins’ scout. It was then that he began dating his future wife Gordette DuBois. They were married in 1968. Both of them live within ten miles of each other, and have four children.

Tony Pedro Oliva was a Cuban-born baseball player who had a career that spanned fifteen years. He was a member of the Minnesota Twins from 1962 to 1976. While his career was hampered by injuries, he was a consistent All-Star for eight years.

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