Tony Mandarich Net Worth

Tony Mandarich Net Worth

Tony Mandarich is an American Football player who played in the NFL. He was an offensive lineman. In addition to playing in the NFL, he also worked as an NFL analyst for the Score TV sports network in Canada. After retiring from football, he opened a photography studio. This photography studio focuses on nature photography and video production. Besides this, he is also involved in web design and search engine optimization.

Before joining the NFL, Tony Mandarich was a college football star. During his time at Michigan State University, he was selected as a first-team All-American. He was considered one of the best offensive linemen prospects. The Green Bay Packers picked him as their second pick in the 1989 draft.

However, his career did not turn out as he had expected. During the early 1990s, he was accused of drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Later, he was found to be addicted to painkillers and steroids. At one point, he was even sent to a rehabilitation center.

Despite the difficulties he faced, Tony Mandarich made an effort to get back on track. For example, he wrote a book about his struggles with drugs. Some of his co-authors included Nick Reisman.

He has been a finalist for the Outland Award, the NFL’s highest honor. In 2009, he was named one of the Top 10 players in the league. He was also featured in a Sports Illustrated cover. When he was a rookie, he was ranked ahead of Barry Sanders and Derrick Thomas.

Throughout his career, he suffered from a number of injuries. One of the most severe was a shoulder injury in 1998. It was believed that he would have had to stop playing if he had continued to suffer from the injury. His brother John died of skin cancer, but Tony survived.

He has a wife and four children. Charlavan Mandarich is his wife. During the time they were married, she noticed significant changes in him. She also noted that he had become more humble.

The estimated net worth of Tony Mandarich is $1 million. The income of the former NFL player is mostly derived from his salary from the years he was playing in the NFL.

Aside from his salary, he has been earning from the sales of his book. Besides this, he has earned from his photography and videography work. Also, he has been an author, blogger, and author-agent. Among his many accomplishments, he has been twice named Big Ten Lineman of the Year.

Although his career was over, he has found peace in his life. Today, he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. He is also a father to his daughter, Holly. They are currently living in Arizona.

Tony Mandarich is a big man. He has a height of 198 cms. He has brown eyes and light-brown hair. Among his personal characteristics, he is known to be an outspoken and loud man.

Despite his many off-the-field issues, Tony has become one of the most popular and successful football players in the history of the NFL.

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