Third Verse Of Friends In Low Places

The Secrets of the Third Verse of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places”

“Friends in Low Places,” one of Garth Brooks’ signature songs, often ranks high on country music fans’ favorites lists. This classic tune conjures images of wild parties and late-night revelry; listeners have heard it many times over. However, even die-hard fans might be unaware of some of its hidden secrets in its lyrics.

“Friends in Low Places” follows a man as he attends an event – perhaps his former flame’s wedding – and is surprised at its high social class attendance. Feeling out-of-place among such an opulent group, he leaves early to find more authentic and simpler lifestyle. Saying, “I’ve got friends in low places” expresses his loyalty and thanks towards those who stand with him and make him feel part of a community.

Garth Brooks often emphasizes the third verse of this song during concert performances, proclaiming it his favorite part and encouraging audience participation by singing along together. This approach creates an engaging experience for all involved while giving fans a chance to sing with him!

It is thought that this improvised rendition was added to the original recording in 1989 after Earl Bud Lee and Dewayne Blackwell heard Brooks’ demo version. Lee and Blackwell would often record Brooks singing their songs while breaking into Nashville; knowing he could handle its demanding two-octave range.

According to his hit album The Hits’ booklet, Brooks states in one of his final demo sessions prior to signing with Capitol Records: Friends in Low Places was his final demo session; its complex musical elements required an experienced singer in order to capture it properly.

At the recording session for his song, Brooks was joined by an entourage of musicians that included two songwriters responsible for writing it as well as some bandmates and country artists from his roster. These extra voices created an immersive sense of being at a party or bar together while adding to its overall soundscape.

In 2015, it was reported that Brooks would release a 25th anniversary edition of No Fences featuring a re-recorded version of “Friends in Low Places,” featuring George Strait, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and Keith Urban as guest vocalists. Unfortunately due to royalty disputes this release was ultimately cancelled; however this track appeared on his 2016 The Ultimate Collection box set instead.

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