The End Of The Ohio State As We Know It

The End of the Ohio State State Football Program As We Know It

Ohio State was known to take its games with Michigan without giving much thought to what might come of them; winning was expected, while loss could spell disaster and be detrimental to their chances of making the College Football Playoff and could put Ohio State fans into a precarious position that might see them wondering about its continued existence. But last week all that changed! Ohio State lost to Michigan with some fierceness that will be hard for Michigan fans to shake.

This game between Ohio State and Michigan has become an annual tradition for over 120 years. Since 1897, when Ohio State first met Michigan, they have battled each other until 1912 when Michigan began winning or tying games more often. Michigan and Ohio State battled each other during the 1950s for supremacy until Woody Hayes of Ohio State took control from 1951-68 as head coach. Their final clash in 1968 marked a longstanding rivalry which has resulted in most contests being either won or tied most years.

Michigan running back Tim Biakabutuka was asked after the game about how they managed to defeat Ohio State, and he responded that they are just another team with different players; which may have inspired Orlando Pace, Terry Glenn, Mike Vrabel and Shawn Springs among others from 1995 team that stormed Ohio State line of scrimmage from play one.

Ohio State was on its way to winning its inaugural College Football Playoff championship when kicker Noah Ruggles’ usually reliable 50-yard field goal attempt was missed, costing Ohio State its opportunity at victory and its chance at Indianapolis. It was an agonizing loss both for them and their fanbase.

Ohio State Buckeyes are currently processing their feelings following their loss to Michigan in Week 2. Their emotions range from anger, sadness, and disappointment at what transpired; but they also possess a strong determination and drive to return to the top of college football.

To do so, the Buckeyes must defeat their archrivals Ohio State and Michigan. While changing Ohio state will not happen overnight, Ohio State can begin setting itself on course by beating Michigan this season.

Why is The Ohio State University called that way?

This name reflects its national prominence and was introduced in 1986 in order to stand out from other universities that also use the acronym. Ohio State explains its decision was meant to convey both its stature nationally as a research institution as well as represent Ohio, which serves as its home state. Ohio State offers over 350 degree programs covering art, science, social sciences education engineering and business in addition to world-class research centers and institutes. Founded as public research university it boasts more than 34,000 students enrolled within its campus walls.

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