Pivoting Bookcase Murphy Bed

Choosing a Pivoting Bookcase Murphy Bed

William Lawrence Murphy filed his original patent for a concealed wall bed in 1900 and could never have predicted its popularity today. Today, Murphy beds are increasingly being chosen by apartment dwellers and homeowners looking to maximize living and storage space within their homes, available in different orientations with some also featuring sofas, desks or shelves for extra utility.

When selecting a Murphy bed, it is essential to consider both its design and overall layout as well as any unique characteristics or quirks in your room. Recognizing these details will allow you to narrow down your choices and ensure that it will both serve its function while being visually appealing.

For a modern, sleek appearance, consider investing in a bookcase Murphy bed. This type of bed features spacious shelving that is ideal for displaying books and decorative items. When not in use, these shelves neatly stack flush against the wall allowing your room to retain clean lines. This model comes with bi-fold or sliding hinges to maximize flexibility when unfolding it for use.

If you prefer more classic aesthetics, opt for a Murphy bed featuring cabinets or doors on its front side. These models can be tailored specifically to meet your specifications and come equipped with various cabinet door styles and colors; additionally they come complete with knobs and pulls so you can customize its appearance further.

Another popular option is a Murphy bed equipped with springs instead of hinges, which weighs more and may require floor mounting; nonetheless, they remain an appealing choice because of their sturdy construction and easy lift/lower mechanism.

Prior to purchasing a Murphy bed, it is imperative that accurate measurements are taken of its intended installation site. This will enable you to accurately gauge if it will fit into your home without any difficulties with assembly or mounting. When planning on mounting on walls, be sure to measure ceiling height as obstacles could prevent full folding-up. Similarly if planning on placing it into cabinets then ensure the dimensions will accommodate for the mattress when selecting this option.

Murphy beds that fit within bookshelves are among the most convenient solutions on the market. Available in twin or queen sizes, this bed can be folded out easily with one motion using just its basic Rockler kit – making this bed suitable for reading nooks as well as home offices or guest bedrooms. Furthermore, its versatility means it will complement most interior styles. With 10 finishes to choose from and no additional hardware required (besides basic Rockler kits ) these Murphy beds make a statement all on their own.

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