Teddy’s Wedding Dress On Grey’s Anatomy

Teddy’s Wedding Dress on Grey’s Anatomy – Part 2

Grey’s Anatomy fans were delighted when Teddy first appeared wearing her wedding dress on Grey’s Anatomy, but their excitement quickly dissipated. In later scenes, Owen witnessed Teddy telling Tom they couldn’t be together on Teddy’s special day, which caused much disappointment for Tom and others in attendance. It seems Teddy has an unfortunate knack of ruining other people’s special occasions.

At the reception, Bailey must page Maggie because she’s needed in the OR to care for a mother who has an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Unfortunately, Maggie is in Germany at a conference so Bailey calls someone else. Teddy arrives to assist but then has chest pain herself; EMTs take her directly for surgery where it turns out she has ruptured splenic cyst.

Teddy is anxiously waiting for a diagnosis as she watches surgeons arrive with a critically injured patient with traumatic brain injuries and uncontrollable nosebleeds; doctors remain confident they can save him. Teddy becomes nervous as her heart races with anticipation; however, her stomach sinks when surgeons deliver one such patient from a former Navy Seal that’s fighting to stay alive but survives due to quick work by the doctors who intervene quickly to save him.

At that moment, Arizona’s father arrives and corrects her for calling him her “father-in-law.” He suggests she call him mom instead – which does not sit well with Arizona. To avoid his unwanted attentions and kisses he attempts to give her on the balcony instead – although Callie’s father dances alongside them and makes her feel special.

Amelia notices that Meredith doesn’t appear happy and attempts to dissuade her from getting back together with Alex. To this, Meredith replies that she hasn’t felt this content in years – which causes Amelia and Meredith both laughter.

Avery receives a call from a patient with a ventricular septal defect and quickly takes action by telling her about his brother who also had the condition; then suggesting surgery tomorrow as being ideal; she agrees.

As the doctors celebrate a successful operation, they notice that one of the lab mice has come back to life. Avery is thanked by his Chief and told that one day, there might even be his own slow clap!

Jo and Derek arrive at the hospital, only to learn that John Doe in the bus accident was really George O’Malley in pain and losing consciousness. Doctors attempt to revive him but it’s too late; he’s gone. To remember him always, they give a post-it note with his name written on it that they promise they’ll keep with them at all times as a memorial of sorts – an emotional moment that you won’t soon forget! Watch Grey’s Anatomy Thursday nights 9/8c on ABC or stream on Hulu; click here now and get your first episode FREE!

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