Taylor Swift Well Run Locket

Taylor Swift and the Well Run Locket

A new song from Taylor Swift is making headlines and stoking the fires of curiosity. The aforementioned new single, “The Bigger One,” is accompanied by a music video that has earned Swift and her crew the top billing for the week. At one point in the video, she gets on a treadmill, stretches her legs and demonstrates her impressive upper body strength.

While she’s not the only artist in this genre to showcase her wares, she has a few things going for her. For starters, she’s a multi-platinum, award-winning entertainer with a penchant for a cool cat image. Plus, she has a penchant for putting a fun spin on her music. As such, she’s put out a string of memorable hits over the years.

She’s also won 13 awards in the past two years, albeit in a small handful of categories. She’s also been known to show off her wallet in the form of a diamond encrusted necklace. However, the best part of the whole experience is the camaraderie that comes with it. After all, what better way to commemorate a momentous occasion than by sharing the stage with your favorite pop star? This has, of course, paved the way for the more intimate interactions that have followed.

Aside from the new song and video, Taylor and crew have a few other things on their dockets. They’ve also managed to pick up the award for Best New Artist, Best Tour and Best Album triumvirate at the recent Billboard Music Awards.

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