Survivor 31 Terry Son

Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Survivor: Terry Deitz’s Son Danny Was Put on the Heart Transplant List

Terry Deitz, a former pilot, returned for another attempt at winning a million-dollar prize on “Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance,” but his hopes of becoming the sole survivor were quickly dashed when his 17-year-old son was placed on a heart transplant list. Terry, who finished third place that season, was taken out of the game midnight due to family circumstances and left before its episode concluded.

Host Jeff Probst informed him that his son needed medical assistance back at home and sent them packing from the competition. It wasn’t even two days into it when his wife informed him of Danny’s condition and needed him back immediately.

Terry had to leave early due to illness, yet still showed incredible skill as part of Ta Keo tribe which repeatedly won immunity challenges and voted out other players en route to Tribal Council.

Early in the game, he was a major contender for a jury position. Unfortunately, health issues began affecting his performance, prompting him to resign and leave.

As soon as he was removed from the game, he and his wife went to visit his son at hospital. As soon as everyone was together again, an MRI was conducted to check his heart condition; results revealed an enlarged heart.

Danny received a life-saving heart transplant procedure, though it took him some time to receive it. Although he could return home after his operation, his father found it hard to leave him behind.

Terry had long been known for being a fierce competitor and loyal friend on the show. He often tried to form relationships with younger members of his tribe and offered his services whenever needed.

He was an excellent listener, often sitting with people to talk through their issues and work them through. His kind spirit made him an outstanding role model for young castaways.

At the time he exited the game, Terry was one of the oldest members on each tribe and an essential component to their success. As leader he kept other castaways on task while working hard to ensure all had what they needed for survival.

As they had no leader, the tribe found comfort in each other by enjoying barbecue, soccer and partying together. They won a reward challenge that awarded them with a bathroom and supplies.

After returning, Terry discovered an immunity idol hidden within a bottle. When he showed it to the other tribe, they decided he no longer deserved their leadership and exiled him from the game.

He was ultimately eliminated by a 3-1-1 vote from the jury, becoming one of two oldest players ever voted out from “Survivor.” It marked an incredible ending to an exceptional season of “Survivor.”

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