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A Family of Chicks – WSJ Crossword

A family of chicks is a collective of chickens that live together on an Easter farm and feast upon hard-boiled eggs, chocolate bunnies and other seasonal treats during this special time of year. Chicks have become a beloved symbol of Easter celebration.

Crossword puzzles are a form of word game in which answers to a grid are constructed from words, phrases and symbols arranged into clues that must be assembled correctly in order to form the answers. Many newspapers and magazines publish cryptic crosswords which provide a challenging yet enjoyable way to spend an hour or more of playtime.

Cryptic crosswords do not abide by a set of universal rules. Newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times use loose Ximenean style, while Daily Telegraph tends toward libertarian approaches. Furthermore, there may be differences in setter styles or rules among major daily cryptics.

The Guardian is typically seen as being most libertarian of papers; however, its setter can still employ Ximenean style pieces; The Daily Telegraph leans more Ximenean while its Toughie section leans Libertarian; Meanwhile the Independent and Financial Times often feature similar articles while both Guardian and Times pieces often mix Ximenean and libertarian perspectives together.

WSJ Crossword, the official crossword publisher for The Wall Street Journal, produces weekly cryptic, intermediate cryptic and large difficulty crossword puzzles crafted by Mike or anonymous or pseudonymous constructors; all puzzles are meticulously reviewed to ensure they provide challenging yet accurate crosswords to its fans.

Created a Wall Street Journal Cryptic that Can Be Reprinted By Other PapersIt is possible to produce a Wall Street Journal cryptic that can be reused by other newspapers as long as it contains similar numbers of words to its original. Although some can be time consuming to complete, others are easy enough for beginners. Sometimes an advertisement crossword may even be created and printed as part of its marketing efforts known as an Ad Crossword

American- and UK-style crosswords are two main varieties. In the US, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe crosswords are some of the most famous. Other newspapers including Wall Street Journal and Washington Post also publish them regularly.

In the UK, there are three primary cryptic crossword publications: The Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian; however there may also be other papers with such puzzles. Of these publications, The Times is generally considered “standard”, while The Guardian and Daily Telegraph tend to allow more freedom of Ximeneans when writing crosswords; often including definitions or unindicated wordplay within their crosswords.

Beyond the UK, other countries also produce cryptic crosswords. The Irish Times started publishing daily cryptic puzzles in 1926; The Observer (Scotland’s national newspaper) includes one daily cryptic as well; while Times of India hosts monthly special cryptic puzzles.

Some cryptics are also available online as web pages or PDFs; subscribers to each paper can view these. The Guardian, Times and Observer all offer electronic crosswords while The Observer’s can be found as hardcover books.

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