Sunbeam Heated Throw With Foot Pocket

Sunbeam Heated Throw With Foot Pocket Review

If you’re shopping for a heated throw, this Sunbeam model should definitely make the list. With its well-made controller and flexible wiring that evenly heats soft fabric fabrics, this Sunbeam option has many features to offer.

Best of all, this chair is also an amazingly practical option – its electric cord is short enough to avoid tangling with furniture while its controls can easily be seen and its power cord removed for machine washing.

Most electric blankets consist of two materials, with an outer shell made of thicker materials and a thinner inner layer offering warmth and softness, but this blanket stands out with its unique feature – it contains electric wires woven together, providing additional layers of comfort when coupled with sherpa fabric on the interior side.

Sherpa fabric is an ultra soft microplush material that feels luxurious against your skin, giving an electric blanket an added warm feeling when turned on and plugged in. Plus, the webbing creates a nice glow when connected and powered on, creating another warming element to its appeal.

It also boasts several other impressive features, including a digital controller with 3 heat settings and an auto-off feature lasting 3 hours, making sure this blanket remains out of your way while remaining within budget. What’s best? This one comes at an extremely reasonable price tag!

The Sunbeam heated throw with foot pocket may not be the most expensive model, but it still makes for a worthwhile investment. Featuring an intuitive controller and belt clip for convenient wearability as well as efficient wiring compared to similar electric blankets we’ve reviewed, this electric blanket stands out.

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