Marilu Henner Dancing With The Stars

Marilu Henner on Dancing With the Stars

Marilu Henner, five-time Emmy winner and six-time mirror ball trophy recipient, will partner up with Derek Hough on Dancing With the Stars this season. A Broadway veteran known for her performances in CHICAGO, PAL JOEY and OVER HERE; Henner made her television debut with Taxi before guest starring on popular series such as TAXI as well as The Office and ER.

Henner is one of approximately 100 people worldwide with a highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM), which she considers her “gift.” With this ability she remembers stories from her past when performing, making DWTS an ideal platform to showcase this gift and share its benefits with its audiences.

She excels at recalling details from her life, while she’s also an accomplished dancer; both skills will come in handy during competition. Not only an actress but also known for hosting and producing talk shows; Henner is especially skilled at recreating scenes from her past for audiences to enjoy.

After an off-the-field setback last week, Henner rebounded on Monday with an amazing performance that earned her maximum scores from all four judges and an ovation from the crowd. But while her partner Derek Hough proved impressive during her Charleston routine, some sync issues between them may have prevented their best effort from emerging.

Henner is no stranger to struggling with her dancing; this season she has experienced some uncharacteristically poor moments, yet has never allowed them to derail her overall performance.

Mario Lopez from Extra conducted an interview in which she discussed her experience on Extra and shared what she took away from it. She revealed that she learned she can overcome challenges, while trusting in memories for strength.

In Weeks 7 and 8, actress Valerie Faris experienced some foot issues; nonetheless, she managed to successfully make it through them without much trouble and make it all the way to Week 9 on all US seasons of Dancing With the Stars.

She holds the distinction of being the only female to complete all 17 weeks of the US version of the show – an impressive achievement given her age.

Her scores were stellar; she earned a perfect score in the Team Up Challenge! Additionally, she performed flawlessly during an Opening Pro dance choreographed by Derek.

When asked by a judge if she was finding it challenging to dance the Charleston, she admitted it had been challenging due to not having much experience dancing it – although she found comfort from dancing with Derek, feeling connected to him through their routine, which helped keep her positive during an otherwise challenging period.

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