Strawberry Glazed Donut Nails

Strawberry Glazed Donut Nails

Hailey Bieber recently made waves when she debuted the strawberry glazed donut nails she recently debuted on TikTok. The manicure blends pearlescent white polish with chrome powder to give your nails an appealing glazed effect, perfect for those who don’t prefer bold pastel pink or glitter nail trends.

Zola Ganzorigtn, Hailey Baldwin’s nail artist of choice, has been sharing her version of this trend on Instagram and TikTok recently. In a video posted to both platforms, Ganzorigtn begins by applying a gel base coat and clear top coat before she applies light pink OPI Funny Bunny color followed by OPI Chrome Effects Powder Tin Man Can for pro use – before painting an inner ring of sprinkles around each fingernail before sealing everything up with another top coat for security!

Ultimately, they created a lovely strawberry-colored manicure that complements any outfit and is completely DIY-able! Ganzorigtn explained that any sort of sprinkles could be added for decoration on each nail; you could even do a french tip using the same color! She advised waiting until after applying top coat before adding decorations so they remain in place.

Another fun autumnal take on glazed donut nails, this autumnal version incorporates chocolate hues instead of nude ones. When visiting a professional for this look, be sure to request almond-shaped nails with rounded tips from them and apply creamy brown nail polish such as OPI’s Spiced Brown #053 and Coffee Bean #319; any polish with multi-tonal shimmer should work!

To create the strawberry glaze, combine melted coconut oil and confectioner’s sugar into a dippable icing. Dip each nail in it before allowing it to dry before applying more layers as necessary. Finally, finish your manicure off with a clear top coat for extra chip-resistance.

If you’re feeling intimidated by getting a manicure, try this easy glazed donut manicure hack! With its wide array of iridescent powder shades available, this trend makes a statement and provides the perfect option for those who don’t have time or funds for professional salon visits. Additionally, its casual appearance makes this an excellent alternative nail art style option to consider for casual events!

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