Kanye Me And My Girlfriend

Kanye Me and My Girlfriend

Kanye West makes no secret of his feelings toward Kim Kardashian, whom he plans on proposing to. In many of his songs he refers to her and compares her to Jay Z, his former music mogul partner.

Although currently separated, Ye hasn’t stopped professing his love for Kim Kardashian via social media and interviews. Recently he made it clear that this relationship will last as well as plans to start a family together in the future.

At an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Ye expressed what makes his relationship with Kardashian so special to him. According to him, they share something in common as she’s one of the top designers globally with annual revenue near 300 Million USD and boasts incredible beauty as well as stylishness – qualities which made her one of his go-to people for dating! He continued on by saying she is an amazing companion whom he finds extremely pleasant to spend time with.

Ye isn’t only showing his affection for Kim on social media – the rapper has also been sharing photos of Chaney Jones, an Instagram model who looks strikingly similar to Kim with curvier hips, dark locks and plump lips – she even wears similar attire as SKIMS founder Kim! Ye’s fans have begun dubbing Chaney the new Kim.

Recently, Ye and Jones have been seen numerous times engaging in some steamy PDA. Most recently they were seen sitting courtside at an LA Lakers game together where Jones could be seen draped over Ye’s shoulders while holding onto his arm in style with faded jeans and Balenciaga boots.

Chaney has yet to confirm her relationship status with Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ rapper but has given subtle clues through Instagram posts and photos. For instance, recently she uploaded an image showing herself posing with two large red roses with the caption, ‘This post may contain my heart emoji…!’ Although Chaney has yet to disclose whether these roses belong to herself or Kanye, it seems safe to assume they do.

Chaney first shared an Instagram selfie featuring herself and Kanye West clad in a red lace dress and holding onto an impressive bouquet of flowers on Thursday, sporting matching lips and smiles in a post to her account. Since then she’s also been seen out with Kanye in various locations such as attending basketball games or visiting his Malibu mansion – she wrote in one post, ‘Ye is always very supportive of me and has helped me feel confident about who I am’

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